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How I Got Cheated By PayTM Mall, Customer Care Made False Claim of Delivery

Online shopping is now quite popular in cities because of convenience and the wider options it offers. But buyers are left dissatisfied or cheated in many instances as well. Many e-commerce sites think that it's easy to ignore customer grievances... Continue Reading →


Why I Feel That Friends TV Show Is Over Rated

Many of my Indian Friends 4231098are obsessed with the TV show ‘Friends’ I know that for some reason ‘Friends’ was booming over India at this time. Most of the people who watch are in their 20s or in their teens.... Continue Reading →

India’s Obsession With English Medium School

I was part of the Privilege class in India, who got the opportunity to study in an ‘Elite’ English-medium school. We, as a society are so much obsessed with English, We look down upon those who could not speak English... Continue Reading →

On Women’s Day, Let’s Understand Feminism And Get Rid Of The Myths

The feminism has taken bad name over years on the Internet, it had made many men and women not to be associated with the word though they believe in the idea of it. I have heard many women and young... Continue Reading →

How My Experience With Quikr Proves That They Don’t Give Damn About Customers

In the service industry, what matters the most is customer satisfaction nothing else. How companies plan and execute strategies to achieve better than ever customer satisfaction is the question to ask. Over the years, Industry Insiders have learned that customer... Continue Reading →

Why I Left A Non-Profit’s Job And Never Will Take One Up

As someone who is over 25 years old, I did not get into social work expecting it to be all sweetness and light, nor did I think I can change the world, not even fraction of it. But my experience... Continue Reading →

How I Got Carried Away by Kindness and Forgot Myself

The biggest mistake we all make is forgetting about ourselves. We manage to get caught up in the kindness of doing well and helping others that we forget ourselves. This is what happened to me, I took into kindness as a... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Ashamed!

Don’t let people make fun of you for speaking your mother tongue, listening music & movies in the same. I am have been waiting to write this for a long time. There are people here who can’t speak or understand... Continue Reading →

I learnt Something Sad While Searching A Home For Some Rescued Puppies

I came across a harsh reality after posting ‘Rescued puppies for adoption’ in several Facebook groups. I came across people specifically asking for breed and colour. There were hardly any takers for this kind of dogs, some even had a... Continue Reading →

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