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House HusBands Are Far From A Reality in India

Indian Society considers ‘Stay at Home Dads’ as a subject of ridicule, The useless idiot, who stays at home and survives on his wife’s income’ this is what our Indian Society usually associate house husbands. For a western society, it’s not a... Continue Reading →


Why I Feel That Freelancing Is A Bad Idea To Make A Living

You might have come across several listicle and articles on why you should quit your corporate monotonous corporate job, which is a job held by people with no ambition and struggles to fulfil someone else’s dream. There is nothing wrong... Continue Reading →

How I Got Carried Away by Kindness and Forgot Myself

The biggest mistake we all make is forgetting about ourselves. We manage to get caught up in the kindness of doing well and helping others that we forget ourselves. This is what happened to me, I took into kindness as a... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Ashamed!

Don’t let people make fun of you for speaking your mother tongue, listening music & movies in the same. I am have been waiting to write this for a long time. There are people here who can’t speak or understand... Continue Reading →

I learnt Something Sad While Searching A Home For Some Rescued Puppies

I came across a harsh reality after posting ‘Rescued puppies for adoption’ in several Facebook groups. I came across people specifically asking for breed and colour. There were hardly any takers for this kind of dogs, some even had a... Continue Reading →

Why I Removed Birthday From My Facebook Profile?

I think I enjoy being in the spotlight on social media, where people appreciate and respond to my write ups and blogs. I am happy that I do receive a lot of positive response from my online community, who tells... Continue Reading →

There Is No Appreciation For Creativity in India

There is no appreciation for creativity in India; perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that Indian society is insensitive towards creative works and art. There is no dearth of creative people with passion for creative work, but hardly... Continue Reading →

Why Men Who Cry Are Looked Down?

Men shouldn't cry, It is an age old saying. In Indian society, Young boys are told from their childhood that ‘Boys don’t cry’ every time they pour out their emotions. In Our society, male human being is expected to suppress his... Continue Reading →

Stop Taking Proud In Not Knowing Basic Things In Life

Looking many of my friends in their 20s, I could see them taking pride in basic things they don’t know and celebrating the same on Social Media. Starting from ‘I don’t know to cook dinner to managing one’s expense with... Continue Reading →

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