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Why I Feel That Friends TV Show Is Over Rated

Many of my Indian Friends 4231098are obsessed with the TV show ‘Friends’ I know that for some reason ‘Friends’ was booming over India at this time. Most of the people who watch are in their 20s or in their teens.... Continue Reading →


India’s Obsession With English Medium School

I was part of the Privilege class in India, who got the opportunity to study in an ‘Elite’ English-medium school. We, as a society are so much obsessed with English, We look down upon those who could not speak English... Continue Reading →

I Signed For Affiliate Marketing And You Should Too

Every day, you get overwhelmed by the question of how to lead a life of your own dream, which you often profess on social media to work on your terms, but it’s super easy to get overwhelmed by these questions.... Continue Reading →

On Women’s Day, Let’s Understand Feminism And Get Rid Of The Myths

The feminism has taken bad name over years on the Internet, it had made many men and women not to be associated with the word though they believe in the idea of it. I have heard many women and young... Continue Reading →

How My Experience With Quikr Proves That They Don’t Give Damn About Customers

In the service industry, what matters the most is customer satisfaction nothing else. How companies plan and execute strategies to achieve better than ever customer satisfaction is the question to ask. Over the years, Industry Insiders have learned that customer... Continue Reading →

This Short Film Shows Easily Can Someone Influenced To Become Communal In A Second This powerful short film which had gone viral still hold relevance in our time. This short film demonstrates how anyone can go from secular to communal in a span of seconds. In the time like ours where the political... Continue Reading →

I Hate Copy Paste Facebook Solidarity Posts

There is an annoying lazy and vogue phenomenon these days on Facebook, Solidarity via Facebook status. It mostly comes like this: "I'm going to see how many of you will read this post” "This is a test to see who... Continue Reading →

Am I Desirable Enough?

The question which has often pondered over my mind is, ‘Are you even desirable as a heterosexual man if a woman can’t consider you an exception?’ In our fast-paced dating world, the qualities of being desirable are equal to how... Continue Reading →

House HusBands Are Far From A Reality in India

Indian Society considers ‘Stay at Home Dads’ as a subject of ridicule, The useless idiot, who stays at home and survives on his wife’s income’ this is what our Indian Society usually associate house husbands. For a western society, it’s not a... Continue Reading →

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