Dear Girl Who Walked Away,

It’s not like you weren’t aware of what you were getting yourself into. I was the nice guy. I trusted you easily and gave you all I could. We live in a generation where we all have to wear masks and play games to make it through to win the game of dating in this 21st century. There is no need for giving it all you have.

Most of the girls share and post quotes on Facebook stating we want the masochist, romantic and caring partner. We play these games where being available can’t get you anything but playing hard-to-get must be the one which will help you get the person. Why?

I may have loved you too soon and it was too crazy and too much, but guys like that don’t happen ever day; they happen only rarely. when I initiated conversation, I was genuinely nice, caring, passionate, committed guy. I have never had trouble getting it started from there. When I turned out to be the nicest guy you have ever met but still let me go away, makes me question who I am.

Girls need to realize that doing good things just to get attention is wrong, The nice guy does that because he genuinely cares about you. Every time I hear girls like the asshole because he’s the challenge; the one who break and force her to chase the guy. So you tried to push the nice guy away, you pushed harder that he went away forever. He didn’t leave forcibly. He was brutally murdered. The worst part is how you have managed to kill the nice guy in me. Sure I have been the most caring, sweet and nice person for any girl to be with.

You should be given it a little more time. I know, we are all growing really sick of the “game” or some may calls it, “the chase”. Maybe someday, If we run into each other at some coffee shop or library, we can pick up where we left off. For now, though, you have left after breaking my heart.


The guy who you dated.