For me, It’s very tough to talk openly about the struggles, I had to go through in school and college because of my learning disability. I, even at the age of 26, I still count on my fingers to add 3 and 5. I can’t remember the multiplication tables beyond 10. I don’t understand fractions, geometry, and the process of concepts of time, and other complicated mathematical equations.

I have decided to write in the interest of giving others like me  some hope. Ask any average person on the street, what dyscalculia is and most of them will not have any clue about it. When you try to explain they will just rub it off saying, “Well, you know lots of people are bad at maths.” But I want you to know that it’s more than that

Since I was a kid, I was always ahead of my peers in terms of understanding and grasping things. I used to sit in the library, read historical books. By the time I was 10, I even wrote down a couple of poetry, But if you ask me to do multiplication or algebra. I would stumble for a few minutes, It isn’t that I didn’t want to learn.

I enjoy learning new things, and I  do understand how important mathematics for living in this present world. I simply couldn’t, I just couldn’t do it. It doesn’t just stop over there either, To this day, I can’t do simple mathematics. I got through school till 10th using special permission for using the calculator. I have never passed a single math class, mostly with the just pass mark. I managed to get rid of math in 11th and 12th, but I knew that one day or other math will find me. I think that was the nightmare, which haunts me all the time.

It’s hard to live in such a number-based world without proper mathematical basis. A lot of people say, ‘I am not good at math’ because they couldn’t handle pre-calculus or something, Maybe I don’t know.

I have to be careful to count my change well at shops, so I don’t get ripped off. I use a calculator so people don’t get constantly annoyed with me over and again. I was told by every maths teacher in school that I was lazy, and wasn’t paying attention. They said, “How can he be poor in maths after being good at class discussion.”

I every single time, whenever something having to do with numbers comes up in my life, I get that panic induced fear. Of course, I still do struggle, It’s not that worse. This will be the lifelong issue and I will always be different. I feel that nobody should have to feel inferior or bad about them.

I would like to call out to the world that, nobody should have to feel inferior because their mind works differently. “And to others, we are not the lazy bunch of people, we are not making excuses. Our differences are legitimate and it’s bit odd and we would like to be treated that way.”

Just remember Albert Einstein said, “I don’t believe in Mathematics.”