Young adults staying with their parents despite having a job that can pay for your own room or BHK is an acceptable thing which is seen among Indians. In many EU countries, children staying with parents after 18 are looked down upon.

Of course, some folks will justify this phenomenon by talking about Indian culture and values which emphasis on the special family bond. Huh! Maybe because of watching too much of Kjo or Sanjay Leela Bhansali films.

I will not hesitate to say this leaving with your parents despite having a stable job and income is nothing but pure selfishness. We Indians need to stop doing this immediately.

When I had to step out of my comfort zone of staying with parents for graduation in Christ University, which officially don’t have a hostel facility, I came to know what really life is. I think that’s the best decision I ever took in life.

Earlier I had my dad to do run around for everything done, but when I was forced to do everything on my own. Thankfully, I have a mother who insists that I should join a college out of my home state (Kerala) for graduation. I did the same for post graduation. I have to stay away from my parents ever since.

When I started working, I decided to continue the same. I must say that I don’t feel any regrets. I got stuck with reality so many time. I got cheated, mugged and had so many experiences to list on. I got the freedom to manage my own finance without any supervision. I often wonder I won’t have been this awesome If I was staying with my parents. I think I still would have the same Mama’s boy.

One might argue with the assumption that those who continue to stay away from their parents, love them less. But the truth is, it’s not about loving your parents at all. The folks who continue to stay with their parents are usually selfish, and lazy. Maybe, you can add warm home cooked meals which are not that difficult, provided that you know how to cook your own meals. Btw I learnt to cook when I had to survive with little income initially because eating out was expensive.

I was often called selfish and self-centred by many relatives, for not taking any job next to hometown, and staying with parents. But the truth is that those people who prefer to live with their parents as long as they are healthy to fulfil their needs are the first one to throw them away to old age homes when the require too much care and attention. There are also you will find excuses hard to focus on my career, my marriage, my children’s education and blah blah blah.
Parents also need their own space and time. I recently came to know that my parents went out for an outing in many tourist places which they couldn’t earlier, and they are planning for their international trip. I am like Wow! I wish I could take them at my expense.

I feel that the parents themselves are to be blamed for their adult children staying in the home. One cannot accept that their child is not living with them especially if they are staying in the same city. The very big Indian culture and great values come in the picture and in addition to that the constant pestering question from relatives and family friends. I won’t say that we should let go off all the values, but we should stop doing this kind of things in the name of it. We should stop following the past. We shouldn’t do the same mistake generation did, instead emphasise the good things in them and never to repeat the same mistake.

I hope that we young adults don’t do the same mistake and also let our children repeat the same mistake. If we don’t stop thinking in the forward direction, we as a nation will go backwards.