During the Valentine’s Day, I was roaming around for the traffic to lessen. I was expecting a huge celebration of love day everywhere around, but all I could see was lonely souls. There are many people who feel quite lonely even If living in the midst of people. Well! I could see many such faces around. Nowadays, it’s very common in metro cities where people migrate from their hometown in search of jobs or higher studies. People who have never felt lonely themselves, find it very difficult to understand how a person can feel lonely in the midst of people.

Talkative and sociable, Extroverts make friends easily everywhere they go but it’s another kind of people, they are at a risk being lonely. We can see people walking on the street or roaming in the mall, in the midst of the crowd where they continue to feel lonely at heart. Although they indulge small talks in the workplace, they miss the heart to heart talk.

We humans need that deep connection, where you have a heart to heart talk in which we can share our emotional feelings. It’s the fact of life that If we vent our feelings out it makes us feel better. You might be laughing around with a colleague or a mutual acquaintance, you might not realise that what’s burning inside them? We all live in our own safe cocoon of the concrete jungle that, we often fail to see many such things.

The suicide of a colleague or a friend might be depressing to hear, but we might not have realised it, or have failed to read the signs. Sometimes, a person can still feel lonely in spite of having a good number of people around, yes that’s the impact depression can cause. The depression can be compared to a balloon which becomes bigger and bigger, leading to more and more miserable feelings. The people around will be able to see that person, who were going about their normal routines without realising the turmoil going on hi/her mind.

A man is a social animal. We need to talk to people in order feed our cravings to express our feelings. Sometimes we need people around that agrees with our views, sometimes people with conflicting views but we need people around us. This hows thing wrong in many ways; how we get ourselves lost in our struggle to make a living. We get ourselves so much involved in the race that, we have lost our empathy, and make time for others.

It is important for parents to encourage their children to make friends than push them for grades, and studies. If that child is unable to make friends, probably they should do something about it.

Let me put it across; Don’t remain lonely. If you ever feel that all your friends have left you or have gone far away, don’t despair. You can always make new friends, it’s not difficult to find one. If you sense any of your friends or anyone you know is giving that negative vibe, drag him/her to a therapist. You don’t realize that, you might be doing a great favour for them.