We most often talk about young adults in the United States & other European countries, living their life on their own without being depended on their parents. In India, Young adults stay with their parents and at their expenses even after marriage. I have strongly felt bad for a long time, for depending on my dad heavily for a long time, but I never had any options at all. During the summer break after 10th, I decided to look for a part-time job to earn some pocket, it’s not because my dad wasn’t giving but I passionately wanted to break away from the norms. I come from an economically well family, where my dad used to work in BSNL (DGM) and mom being a school teacher, and not to miss out that I am the only child.

I tried everywhere from Internet cafe to Dress shop even petrol pumps, everywhere I was turned down for hailing from economically well middle-class family. I was most often send back with lectures on how I should concentrate on studies and how I ruin my parent’s reputation. I never understood that why these folks were so much concerned about my family’s reputation. Someone happened to be a family friend even called up by grandparents and informed that I am looking for such jobs. The perks of being born in a small town (Thrissur, Kerala) is that almost every knows you or your family in one way or other.

I often feel that most of you might have faced such ordeal while looking for a part-time job especially for those in the upper middle-class family. School going kids working as part-time in a restaurant or a clothing shop is seen as a taboo. Secondly, I feel that it’s because physical labour in India is relatively cheap for such small level blue collar jobs, which makes it difficult to get one too.Student instead decide focus on improving his skills and grades, most often engage in some hobby or sports activities.I managed to get a job in a petrol pump owned by a family friend, where I was not made to do anything. The staff over there was clearly instructed not make me do any hard labour work.

Later, when I decided to leave I was offered a paycheck which I politely refused. I felt that I don’t deserve it. I never could find any job after that, I was asked the same question in many other places. I was even discouraged by my friends for the same. Fortunately, I have parents who never asked: “Why you want to work when we are alive?” They were pretty cool about it. I won’t blame my Indian Young friends at all, even If they want to look for a part-time job, there are other factors which restrict them from taking it up.

I really feel amazed at the way young adults in other countries get to live their life after 18 without been depended on parents. I am not talking about whatever you can do freedom, but the freedom tot takes up the financial responsibility to start the life on their own. It’s not the freedom to sleep around but learn to save enough to get one’s bedroom.

When I decide to have a son or daughter, I want them to do it differently which I couldn’t. I want them to take up responsibility from a younger age enough to live their life on their own.

I must say that working part-time despite being born to a upper-middle class, is not about just money, but learning from a younger age to understand the value of money. Part-time work not only brings in a bit of money but also prepares students for the world of work that lies ahead. I hope that all of you reading this well set an example for your children to follow.