If me ago 3 years ago could see the present me, he did be surprised. I am quite different now who I was back then, not because my life has changed drastically over the time. My life has everything to do with my life then, I am no longer that depressed, lost, over-anxious and confused soul who used to sit and over think past mistakes, and bizarre has my life has turned out to be.

I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to make things make life back on track, that’s when I decided to join Yoga class. Over the past 1 and half year, I have discovered that the ultimate flick-switcher is exercise. In fact, I felt that I am going too hard more often than not leads to a person going defeated, aimless, hurt and always blaming oneself. And that’s of absolutely no use to anyone.

What I will say is that mental well-being and physical health ultimately rely on each other. Indeed science tells us that our bodies – the bloody wonders that they produce endorphins when we exercise and these chemical triggers have wave positive vibe in your body. I feel that those that struggle with depression, mental illness, feeling down or hopeless should take up fitness seriously, It will change your life upside down.

If anxiety or constant worry about future take deep root in your problems, you should consider my advice. Much like depression or anxiety control your emotions and well beings, get your heart pumping can calm your mind down, and send you in a time machine to the time you used to be happy. There is nothing better than spending time focusing on your body do more good than harm.

Fitness; Yoga, Zumba, Pilates or Running, name it whatever. It’s a way to contain yourself, to connect with breath and air. When you struggle with depression or anxiety, fitness becomes more than something you should do. It can quickly turn into some you need.

Physical activity is an antidepressant, it’s an anti-anxiety. It serves to reduce anxiety, it increases self-esteem and is a major component of weight loss or weight loss management,” Dr. Kate Hays, a Canadian-based psychologist who specializes in sports psychology.

When I had to struggle for 2 years to clear degree paper, after post graduation another 3 years to find a stable job. All these years when things have gone wrong, I have almost killed myself. I never wanted to kill myself but I wanted to put an end to the suffering. During college days, going to gym help me feel better for some time but I never could get myself to stick with it. Inevitably, bad feelings surfaced, I had spent a large amount of time in self-pity and sabotaging myself.

I used to drain myself in alcohol and weed to cope with these feelings, which provided a permanent solution to the problem. I use to wallow days and days together in self-pity indulging self-destructive behavior. Hurting myself took away the pain and frustration, I felt when I couldn’t do anything about circumstances in life where I just had to watch it with helplessly.

Later when I joined for Yoga class, That’s the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I did become obsessive about it. I have become obsessed, but in all the right ways and for all the right reasons. I stopped drinking eventually because I had to get up at 5 am for Yoga, which eventually created a sense of self-discipline in my life. Yes, I am obsessed with the fact that I know how to make myself feel better because I found the exercise that suits me – that’s the most important aspect.

With exercise, came a whole lot of gratitude, for the smaller things in life. Like waking up with the energy and mindset to make the most of every day. When we are busy with life, we are less likely to make time for working out, but If you are the person dealing with anxiety, It should be your first priority. Personally, I have found my happiest place on a yoga mat and having been introduced to the wonderful world of Yoga.

When you are depressed you need a break from your own mind. Yet it’s very hard to come by. Of course, There is a no easy way out of Depression but when you more importance to Fitness, you reach there easily.