Slacktivism, the online outrage activism is the new norm among the Urban folks in India. Whether it’s outraging against cruel treatment of a dog, a misogynist statement made by a political statement made by a politician, woman been raped any other part, maybe on a statement made by a CEO.

Look at the recent outrage carried by some folks against an alleged statement made by Snapchat CEO, It became mandatory to down rate the app & give bad review along with tweet #boycottsnapchat as a response for hurting our nationalist sentiments. I never understood the logic in proving your patriotism by launching a slouching attack on the app.

It makes it mandatory to outrage on social media, which is just self-feel good measure though it has little effect in the real world. It is nothing but to make the person feel good to satisfy his/her guilty feeling of not doing any good. For some others, it’s about convenience for doing some random to make one feel good sitting in one’s own comfort zone. In the above case, If that statement makes one offended it makes more sense to outrage against poverty that a social media outrage against the statement.

Look at any animal lover’s facebook group, You can see a lot of ‘witch-hunt’ been carried against people. I feel that people take a cloud of the animal lover just to abuse others. I can understand that leaving a dog in a car, beating up the dog or cruel treatment of any animal is unacceptable. I don’t think inciting violence or name calling is appropriate either.

Scrolling through all the comments, I feel that it has nothing to do with animal love or emotional outbursts because of the same. I feel that it has more to do with venting out one’s steam, where one will start with sharing videos of animals being tortured so that other can post comments like “hang these bastards” “Torture them the same way” Most often it’s all about that than anything else. People outrage against animal cruelty sitting at home taking bite against that last piece of Tandoori Chicken.

I must tell you that it will help redress issues quickly than you using the power social media to magically solve all issues. One for all, mind your language while outraging to show your love for animals, you are doing harm than good to your fellow companions in the forum.

These days If we call out or plan a protest, half of the social media activists won’t turn up, as they are not willing to take time off from work to participate in the said rally, make placards, walk for miles because they are comfortable sitting in their comfort zone and posting things on Facebook. When it’s time to mobilize a larger group to get the feeling of bringing change, start a petition which has the magical power to change things.

Seriously? If so, the world would have been a better place considering the enormous petition been floated online. Folks working in MNC/IT companies in Bangalore starts a petition for every social issue, thinking it will be good enough to change issues around the city. The hypocrisy starts when a person driving XUV, Range Rover, Innova daily to office outraging against traffic problems in Bangalore.

The problem with such a petition is its inherent naivety. It’s evidently known that our Government department work on paper works haven’t gone fully digital. One has to do a lot of running around to get things done for a written complaint, and people think that online petitions will change things.One need to start engaging with local corporators/MLA & start participating in Resident Welfare Association (RWA) meetings to tackle issues to actually find a solution.

The time has come for us to realize that there one has to come out of this online activism, which does no good. Instead of being content with supporting such petitions, sharing, liking or even starting one post/petition, its time we need to physically protest against what concerns us.