India is a paradise for people who gets offended. Every other day, there is a group of people who gets offended by everything. It’s going well with the line from a popular meme “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death my right to get offended. How dare you? Baahar mil.”

Every time someone takes offense on something I always share the clip ‘I am Offended’ by Jaideep Varma which shows brings forth the plight of the ones who spend their lives walking the tightrope of making people laugh, knowing very well that they might be toppled by the same laughing crowd. The Documentary begins by saying, “We don’t have it, We just don’t have it – sense of humor”

A Celebrity tweets remarking about a religious activity, which is a kind of naive that annoys a few, and sparks outrage followed by intense social media debate and media trial.How democratic India really is, especially where free speech is concerned, depends on a person’s good luck on a given day, One might not know when he gets will be arrested for offending someone because a spineless Judiciary and law enforcement will frame charges for the person getting offended over the one who offends.

News media and newspaper enjoys absolute freedom until someone pursues criminal charges for ‘Hurting their sentiments’ Due to this fear, Editors often omit out the content which can offend someone. No one wants to take a chance when it comes to religious issues.

Before you take offense and say India is a democratic and secular country. Of course, people of all religion can file a case against an artist, writer or celebrity for ‘Hurting their religious sentiments’. Yes, Freedom of Expression in India is essentially this; You may say or write whatever you wish, but if some people are aggrieved, then you may be arrested for committing a crime.

The biggest fear for an artist, stand-up comedian, painter or a writer in India is the ease which the offend can come against him. Art and Humor are a creative form of work can’t be modules not to offend anyone, in that case, it loses its essence of values. Isn’t this shows immaturity and insecurities of the Indian society which gets offended for every trivial things?