There are lots of reasons why I don’t go out for clubbing or like the idea of clubbing anymore since I graduated from college. For starters, it’s damn expensive where you get only priced alcohol and food. Plus the clubs in Bangalore are very disappointing with the crappy crowd and not that’s great DJs playing the same old beats.

I don’t understand that why do people tag someone ‘who chose not to have a plan on weekend’ as someone who doesn’t have a social life. Every weekend, I leave office full of fear that someone will ask the most dreadful question which I always prefer to avoid, ‘what’s your weekend plan are’ and I will have to shamefully admit that I am having a quiet one with myself at home. I know that in the circle of cool guys and girls Saturday nights are meant for dancing, dressing up and excess drinking, especially if you are single and are in your 20s.

When I say that I would rather go home, sit and read a book. People look at me and say how boring and lame. I simply chuckle at the question; I have stayed in the city for 9 years away from my parents, and have been almost every possible party and one thing I have understood is that every party is the same.

In every party, you get to see a bunch of youngsters drinking often beyond their limit to impress other people with them. But why? God knows.

As you get older, you stop feeling like you constantly need to be seeking more fun to be out during every weekend to fill your social media pages. You don’t do something in which you are not having fun, you simply stop doing it.

When you stop going out to a party, you miss the opportunity of making new friends. You get that group of friends who disappear during the day light and during the time when you need the comforts of friends the most.

What did you lose out? You lose out on a glamorous social life with loud music and alcohol, and finally, you lose out on being part of the trend.

Someone once said this to me and it has stayed with me from then,  “Remember to have as many good moments you try so hard to create in life, in the end, you will only have is regret, nothing else”

Your life becomes better once you stop going out during the weekend, you decide to spend time with yourself in your own comfort which helps you to explore and understand yourself much better way.