People like to believe that life is fair with equal opportunity for everyone. If someone who is not successful compared to all his peers, he/she will look down as weak/incapable/inefficient.

I dislike this behaviour intensely; it shows a lack of insight and understanding, this is something I loathe. When someone is not successful, how can we judge the person without being in their shoes? It’s more to do with the kind of place where we live. It’s do with circumstances one have been all the while.

In India, It seems that we are ashamed of failure and it’s looked down upon with shame, disappointment and anger. In US, failure, especially among leaders in Silicon Valley, is celebrated as a badge of honour. The business world over there loves discussing failure stories. I feel that such that talking about such stories can make us feel better.

We only like to talk about success stories of successful people. I agree that thrill of achieving success can be biggest motivator, but never to forget that failure can also be much bigger motivator to achieve success.

Unfortunately, it has created distorted thinking; some people will block contact with someone who is unsuccessful and struggling without any achievement. This is particularly prevalent, when a person loses his business or job, he can’t get anyone to return calls.

Let’s not forget that people who don’t become successful work very, very hard. Similarly, some who are successful didn’t work very hard. They were born in the right place with much available privilege. People overlook success with hard work, that’s the problem.

We can see the way people react when they come across someone who earns, the more they are likely to be admired by strangers; and perceived as attractive and interesting.  Such intuitive response among people to how much one earns is because of the belief that a person’s pay is depended on their scale of their social contribution. That theory can’t be held entirely true in any way, one’s salary is depend on demand and supply concept than one’s social contribution.

We are rarely content with what we have in life; we constantly make the comparison of benchmark our self against others, don’t forget that we all live different lives and have paths to walk through. Comparison is one sure way to kill joy that what we currently have, whether it’s about us vs others or doing the same for someone else with another person.

What I am trying to say is that failure happens, it can happen to anyone. We can’t jump the bandwagon to judge a person for being a failure without walking the journey in their shoes.