I am a guy. I love watching Rom-Com movies. There is something about the emotions, drama and unrealistic romantic chase that I just crave. Plus, We all love watching well made Romantic comedy movie, Right?

In every Rom-Com in the end of the film, the hero always finds the person who understands them and accepts them irrespective of being an emotional mess. That person breaks down all the barriers, chase down the hallway, and makes us realize that even this type of guy can find love. This is total bullshit.

Of course, everyone loves watching over dramatized version of a story, which is far away from the reality. The reality of the life tells you a different life story which is very much from the story on the big screen. Love is a journey between two people, which has its turns, twists, road blocks and hardships. Love happens between two people which begin them over a period of time, which can’t forcibly been taken out of a person. If it happens, it’s there otherwise it’s not.

I made the mistake of equating every girl I have been with on date to the last Rom-Com movie, I could remember. I made the connections with every moment with the situations as shown in the movie. Every time a girl blows me off, “Go after her and get her.” My mind used to tell myself. Needless to say, it did not go the way I had envisioned or thought out of the way it would unfold. I am not going to say that Rom-Com movies are full of lies, but most of them are far from reality.

It took me a long time to recover from that attempt to make my love story cute, but I did learn a valuable lesson. Don’t try to write your life story like Rom-Com movie, which doesn’t make any sense. I learnt it the hard way when I realized that I had missed out a lot.

If only life were like a romantic-comedy. No matter whatever hardships we face, everything would fall into place, and you would unite with your love.