I am a confident and heterosexual guy who is not ashamed to admit that I love chick flicks and Rom-Com movies. I will happily watch a film like ‘He is not that into you’ which supposedly make me less of a man.  So, who’s with me?

I assume that one reason so many males don’t admit to liking rom-com is that, most of the films you are expected to identify with a female protagonist which most of the guys have a problem in making that connection. I thoroughly enjoyed watching ‘He’s Just Not that Into You’ ‘What’s your number?’ ‘What woman wants’

I was a very shy and introvert person. I was not a person who could walk up to a pretty girl in the club and start a conversation, though I have always been comfortable hanging around with my female friends. I ended spending more time staying indoors watching Rom-Com movies than going out to socializing parties to possibly meet a date. I was more interested in using the movie as a way to connect with the male protagonist as my mirror reflection.

I am sure that many of you out there may not have such a serious definition of what movies actually mean than just entertainment or relaxation. I am someone who connects myself and tries to identify with every possible character in the movie. Whether it’s Rom-Com, Chick-Flick or Action flick, I enjoy all of them very much equally.

Most of other men of my age make me feel extremely uncomfortable while watching Rom-Com type movies. I find it extremely tough to hold onto my emotions during the course of the movie. I am someone who expresses emotions without holding it back. I feel like crying, I will cry.

I have made a point that I will go out to watch such movies alone over going out with my guy friends. As a result of being an emotional person, I am able to connect with such movies and enjoy watching it than being trapped in the old masculinity belief that keeps me from expressing my emotion.

In our society, when a man shows the courage to move past the societal norms of what it’s like to be a real man. He will be able to express his emotions in a better way and enjoy Rom-Com kind of movies, and you will not find the movies meaningless and dumb.

So guys, whatever may be your reason for avoiding Rom-Com movies, it doesn’t in no way make you less of a man by watching a movie. So what are you waiting for? Go out and watch the latest Rom-Com movie on TV or your nearest cinema hall with your partner. It can actually increase the level of intimacy between both you. Don’t stick on to the conventional belief that big boys don’t cry. Big boys can or do cry at times.