Looking many of my friends in their 20s, I could see them taking pride in basic things they don’t know and celebrating the same on Social Media. Starting from ‘I don’t know to cook dinner to managing one’s expense with their limited income’ the list goes on and on. When I moved out of my parent’s house I never knew how to cook, do my own laundry or manage my own expenses. I learnt everything over the period of time because I had to survive in this city and build life on my own.

The main reason was that I was ashamed of knowing those things when I could see some of my other friends doing it on their own. I feel that being ashamed should be essentially important for human beings to master basic essential shit to get out of laziness and procrastination.

I don’t think it’s that difficult for someone to put the basic shit together in life. I get that no one is going to be great at everything right away, but being irresponsible in doing take away every day over cooking is nothing but laziness. I don’t think it’s being chic to delay doctor appointment for years to end, it’s plain stupid. I don’t think it’s something one should take proud.

Look how embarrassing is to walk into a bachelor house to see beer bottles, empty pizza packets, cigarette buds, and unwashed vessels everywhere. It’s not cool at all, it shows that he/she can’t manage his/her house If that person’s mom is not there to micro monitor.

It’s not about being an adult. It’s what we people should do because we should be leading a life as a matured being than being an overgrown toddler all the time. I understand that no one can be perfect in managing everything, but one can’t take pride for a long time wobbling like a baby through the adulthood , unsure of how to do one’s basic things.

Stop taking pride in not knowing how to do put together your basic shit and manage your life. Stop feeling great in saying how chaotic, messed up and disorganized your life is. We may not come from a background which empowers in managing these things, but it’s not chic to still be struggling in managing basic shit until your 30s. We are expected to learn it our own and manage our life without being dependent on anyone else.

I feel that it’s because of this cultural phenomenon where many of us don’t get to lead a life where they had to live a life of learning and doing one’s own things. Most of them had their parents and others around them to give everything on a silver platter. I know, I definitely don’t claim myself to be any better but I have learnt and evolved over the period of time in managing things in a better way. Most people turn their self-defeating patterns into jokes on social media because that makes them feel easier than actually dealing with it. This is ridiculous, and plan stupid to wear it as a badge of honour on Social Media. It is offensive to the person at least according to my definition of social media culture.

I am not saying that you have to have everything figured out and mastered. But we need to stop thinking that being a mess is quirky or cute because it is not.  I feel that one can do better than just laughing at the jokes and memes we share on social media. It’s not about being cool in anyway, it’s that you are refusing to adult.

Being an adult is not very hard as you think; it’s that somewhere you are lazy and selfish. You are a just an outgrown toddler who hasn’t come out the cocoon. We have no excuse other than our own laziness, really, and that’s something we should definitely not be taking pride.

In your 20s, it’s your time to take pride in learning new things. It’s time to take up the responsibility of not anyone else, but about managing your life.

There are millions of young folks in their 20s who actually manage life on their own, they pay bills, file IT returns, repair the car, manage the budget effectively, you know what? Even you can do that.

Choose wisely, and don’t take pride in being a lazy outgrown adult.