I think I enjoy being in the spotlight on social media, where people appreciate and respond to my write ups and blogs. I am happy that I do receive a lot of positive response from my online community, who tells me that they enjoy reading what I write. Of course, I love and thrive on the attention; it makes me feel great about myself, and it helps me to create such content.

I removed my birthday last year (2016) after feeling that I don’t need random wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’ because Facebook tells them that they should wish me.

Here’s the thing, I created my Facebook profile 11 years ago. That’s pretty long time. I was able to connect with my school friends, I lost contact after moving out of KV (Kendriya Vidyalaya) and it went quite well with most of them willing to exchange number and meet up occasionally.

During the initial days, I loved when half of my friends wished me on my birthday; I also used to do the same thing for them. I got the feeling that how much all of them cared for me in wishing me.

But gradually over the period of time, I had lost the excitement of getting wished on Birthday. I started feeling that people are just doing the ritual of wishing everyone on their friend list because Facebook is telling them to do so. I feel that anyone who is truly caring about me will find a way to remember my Birthday.

During childhood, we made it a point to remember the birthday of all friends, and if there is someone who forgets that person is not a true friend. When we enter into adulthood things changes a lot, one needs a notification on their social feed to remember that it’s time to wish their friend. Should I really mad at people for being too much carried away and busy with their own life that they can’t remember the birthday of their friends?

I decided to delete my Birthday from Facebook, and I was surprised to see that not a single person wished me. This has changed the way I get excited over Birthday wishes on Facebook. I get calls from regularly from my family and a cousin (never missed a single year to wish me) though wishes include generic messages, I feel that it’s more authentic than the generic birthday post on the Facebook timeline. It doesn’t matter how many people wished you, all that matters how many of them were genuine, right?

I didn’t simply remove birthday from Facebook over questioning the authenticity of the wishes, I feel that it has turned into a seeking validation from others. I feel that I will not get birthday wishes except a bunch of automated emails from several portals which I have never bothered to turn it off. I love spending my Birthday on my own, then why should I bother about seeking validation by getting wishes from the social media group of friends.