I came across a harsh reality after posting ‘Rescued puppies for adoption’ in several Facebook groups. I came across people specifically asking for breed and colour. There were hardly any takers for this kind of dogs, some even had a problem with their skin colour pattern and others wanted a foreign breed. Though I could see that there are many posts where people post looking for adoption. I shared in the comment section of every such post, I hardly got any response. I interacted with several dog rescuers and realized that there are hardly any takers for this type of dogs, the reason is that Indian’s obsession with foreign breeds. Many of them informed me that you will hardly find any for Indies (Stray Dogs) but you will find thousands of them for a breed dog.

Urban Indian Middle class is deeply obsessed with breed and colour while bringing home their favourite pet home. The dog consists of foreign breeds such as Saint Bernard, Siberian Huskies, Cocker Spaniels, and Labradors.

Most of the people don’t realize that harsh climatic condition in our country often takes a toll on their life, owners without knowing to deal with their diseases often abandon them on the road. As the summer line turns into winter, unable to deal with climatic these dogs scramble with series of health issues. When owners realize that the dog’s medical expense is beyond their limit or they don’t want to spend any more on it

It’s easy and convenient for a wealthy middle class to abandon their branded dog by consoling oneself by buying another dog than taking care of it. This is the reality of Urban India; it’s time for people to open their eyes to their realities of dog abandonment. Have a visit to CUPA, Bangalore or any shelter homes one will get to see a reality check.

There are thousands of dogs on the street apart from the abandoned dogs by their prestigious owners, they are particularly can’t be classified as Breeds, they are not bred by anything other than natural selection and thus are healthier than man-made breeds. These can be fed on local food and don’t require special diets to survive.

But unfortunately, there are no takers for this kind of dogs at all. Whenever there is a post on Facebook group adoption, people ask the first question what’s the first breed? The moment one mention about the type, you never get to hear from them. Though there are no takers for injured and diseased branded breed dogs, well that’s another thing for a separate debate.

I am not expecting people to change overnight. The wealthy Indian middle class might take another century to realize their mistake. What you can do? Adopt! Adoption doesn’t look for every facebook group to find a branded dog; someone is giving away for adoption. There are many puppies that get abandoned by their mom on the street, which comes from our own Indie Dogs category. They won’t be able to match your fancy designer wears, but she will be healthy there to stay forever.

Surprisingly, Indian stray dogs which are abused, beaten on the streets have takers abroad. There are several European visitors who visit Indian shelter homes to adopt stray dogs including those are blind and disabled. There are many takers among European visitors who want to give them a loving home after hearing their horrible living condition and neglect.

I hope that Indian understand the same than complaining about street dog menace in every corner of the city. There won’t be any such problem if every family is willing to adopt stray puppy/dog than obsessing over foreign breeds.

PS: I have rescued 6 puppies from the street abandoned by their mom and is taking full care of them including taking them to vet for treatment