Don’t let people make fun of you for speaking your mother tongue, listening music & movies in the same.

I am have been waiting to write this for a long time.

There are people here who can’t speak or understand English, it’s normal. It’s not something we should look down.

There are people who try to speak English but speak with poor grammar and sentence construction. We have schools which teach English to subliminal standards.

You could see parties, events, business play nothing but Justin and ED Sheeren because it’s cool.

There are people who have cowboy hats, and everything that is American because they idolize what they assume is European lifestyle.

There are people who learn English through music videos and American television shows, tries to put out the accent. One can easily figure out the accent from their conversation where they fail terribly in trying to imitate.

There are karaoke bars with English songs often sung by people who have no idea what the lyrics mean.

Indian television often takes American & British shows like Chief master, big boss and make Indian versions of them.

The act of sprinkling English into your native language sentences is considered cute and cool and is popular with urban teenagers.

Stores sell shirts with English on them and people buy them not knowing the exact meaning, some of these words don’t mean anything.

Don’t let someone shame you for singing in the native language, watching movies in it, speaking non-polluted sentences, wearing clothes with sentences are written in your native language etc.

Europeans visit us to learn our language, culture and values. They don’t come to see a polluted version of their own culture.