The biggest mistake we all make is forgetting about ourselves. We manage to get caught up in the kindness of doing well and helping others that we forget ourselves. This is what happened to me, I took into kindness as a means to get rid of depression and got carried away with it.

I often feel when I think about it that I should have been little selfish, but the truth is no one is really going to care about me but myself. That’s what happened; I decided to take care of puppies during the tough phase of my life, initially I felt that there are a lot of supporters to like, comment, smile and appreciate on the face, and pretends to be there for me but when I need help the most and are struggling, the only person I had to help was myself.

Nobody is to be blamed here, people have their own needs and wants, and they probably will prioritize themselves over others. I must say that don’t be caught up in social work and all those bullshit. Look out for yourself. There are people who force themselves to do, so that they can keep in good graces with their online friends, and there are others who are insecure and don’t like to be left alone while trying to deal with the mess in their life but one gets to much get carried away by kindness, we lose ourselves in the process.

By worrying about other people, we tend to make their problems, our problems and in the end, we forget our own problems.

What I did wrong was, Instead of focusing on myself, better and growing in life. I decided to put my time and energy into other people and issues, which yields no value to me.

I have made two rules for myself:

1) Never do anything for free

I am a great fan of Dark Knight, In that Joker says “When you are good at something, Don’t do it for free. That’s exactly what I should have done and should be doing. I got dumped with puppies for agreeing to take care of them for free.

2) Don’t help everyone

When we show the kindness to offer some service for free, there will be people who will always exploit us. It’s better to help someone who truly deserves it than making it opens for everyone.

In conclusion, I have realized that the first person who deserves my help is I, Myself.