You might have come across several listicle and articles on why you should quit your corporate monotonous corporate job, which is a job held by people with no ambition and struggles to fulfil someone else’s dream.

There is nothing wrong in sticking on to a corporate job, as long as you are making progress in your career. Don’t listen to Buzzfeed or any such clickbait sites, which will tell you 20 something reasons why you should quit your corporate job.

I took up freelancing when I was left with no option, but I will tell from my experience that you should be informed decision before taking a huge step towards freelancing, You should ask yourself ‘Is that really something you want to do in your life?’

It’s true that being a freelancer sure beats the constraints of a monotonous corporate job, but as they say, it comes with a price which is being broken at times, with no work, and delayed payment. Your corporate work gives stable income, which you get at the end of the month irrespective of the work. Some clients won’t pay you on time, often delay the payment for weeks together which will leave you broke and struggling to make the ends meet.

I remember when I was asked to leave the Job in the social enterprise and gave the option of continuing as a freelancer where I can do whatever I choose to do that made me happy. When I tell people what I do for a living, many people like the idea of it and say that they want to do what I am doing but it’s not something I would recommend to anyone else.

As I have mentioned earlier, when you can choose your work, your salary will not be constant and most often you might end up struggling to pay the bills. You at times feel that you can’t the stress when you don’t have a lump of cash to look forward to on the weekend. I remember waiting for days together to get work from a client to give work, though payment was made on time.

Some people will make more money freelancing than they do in-house, but as a content writer, I struggled to find work which pays you reasonably. I had to deal with stubborn folks on Facebook groups offering 10 paise per word of a 1000 word article, seriously? I could find a lot of Europeans outraging against the price offer; Indians don’t seem surprised. That’s the norm here; people pay you less for outsourced work (freelance work) for quantity than for quality.

In India as long as you have people offering less paid freelance work and there are folks to take it up, Someone at their early stage of career will definitely struggle to find work.

The common misconception that one can decide when to work is a myth, it’s the client who will decide when you are supposed to work when to finish, and when you will get paid as well. There are no regular working hours, which is usually after 5PM you are free to go wherever you want.  During a full-time work, I used to love switching off after long day at work, Watching TV series or YouTube videos but I don’t remember the last time I watched one after taking up Freelance work

If you are someone who is going to drag yourself for the 9 to 5 work, but do it anyways for the paycheck. I must tell you that you are not going to like freelancing either.