As I writing this blog which is partially based on my experiences and lessons, I leave at your discretion to make decision for yourself.

In life, we make lot of compromises, its part of our everyday life. There are many areas where you will be asked to make compromises, either in personal or professional life. There is something which you should never compromise –Your values and ethics.

For me, I have never compromised my Values and Ethics for being successful in life. Though I had paid huge price for the same, I end up struggling from one job to another within a short period of time. I don’t know whether it’s the best decision of my life or the worst.

The standard of integrity as values and ethics is a personal choice, which largely influenced by upbringing, and at times peer influence. I come from a place which talks about values, ethics and integrity. I was made to believe that standards of integrity, honesty and ethics should never compromise over any personal or monetary gains. I always followed the same, always. For that, I always paid a huge price.

I have seen many people during these many years that had compromised their core values in order to get ahead in their work or keep jobs they hate. It’s sad to find out that they have walked away from who they really are, and that’s something I can proudly say that I haven’t done. It’s many starting from sleeping around to ass licking of your superiors for a job with meager salary.

Some people believe that these compromises are necessary to stay employed and be successful in life, but that’s simply not true. Though I some unfortunate who paid a huge price for not making compromises, Maybe I can some time later in life be happy that I never did.

Previously, I had lost two jobs for not making compromises which reflected badly on my resume. I tried to speak up about what I saw around me that wasn’t right, but I got crushed down instead of being appreciated. Once I had discouraged romantic advances of someone related to the CEO of the firm because I shouldn’t be pretending myself with someone in order to keep my job and maintain my high salary.

In all instances, I had sensed in the beginning that there is something going wrong, it will turn against me one day. What should I have done? Find a new job fast and walk away with an offer letter. I didn’t listen to my instincts.

I know that many reading this will say that, “Dude, you are mad. I have to stay in this job whatever it takes, I can’t risk that because I have to financial responsibilities back home and it’s the only job I can get. OK I am not going pass judgement without analyzing your situation but absolutely do not have to work in ways you despise in order to do what’s necessary for yourself and your family.

I often feel that I did the right thing by never making the compromises. I know that I shouldn’t blame myself for screwing up the opportunities I had but at the same time felt exhausted, depleted, depressed and demoralized for screwing up every opportunity that came in front of me.

I have lived and struggled bearing the pain of losing things for not giving myself up in the processing of creating a professional life, and despite all your best efforts, It have turned against me in the process. I hope that it will bring you the success, fulfillment and reward I long for not making those compromises in life for success and career.

One day, I can give lessons to younger generation that I have never compromised my values and ethics; neither should you without feeling the inner guilt questioning my moral rights.

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