Here is comes another New Year, It’s the time of the year when making people make a resolution. The list of resolutions which gives the hope of fresh beginning, I also thought of writing a list of resolutions, but the thought of breaking the previous ones completely discouraged before I even start.

Last Year, I started the year with intense focus and commitment, writing a long list of things hoping to follow it with dedication. I told myself that I wanted to be regular to Yoga and eat better, and I was motivated for a couple of months, but then I got busy and carried with problems in life and it kind of faded away. I feel towards the end of the year and realize that I never go to finishing line with success.

It was going great initially, motivation can get one start, and that’s great! But what’s the point when one gets started, and don’t keep the consistency? yes, I didn’t. When you are looking to build a new habit, start by keeping the habit small and actionable.

The last year 2017, I challenged and stretched me in many ways and almost broke me down in many instances. I was able to discover my limits, sometimes tried to push further and caused more complications. I left a job I shouldn’t have taken up in the first place, which was holding onto something instead of letting it go. I tried to save some puppies, just like constructing a building without a strong foundation. I end the year broke and without a job in hand, the time when many would like to avoid me.