I decided to not pour every micro detail of my incidents on Facebook. I promised myself that there is no need to pour everything on Facebook. The rule of thumb was ‘Don’t post everything’ It’s not like I suddenly become opposed to sharing parts of my life with other people but sometime back I had gotten incredibly out of hand.

Maybe, I felt that I want to protect the certain parts of my life that matter the most to me, and are really not interested in the growing trend to put everything on social media. Social media has now become a place to share deeply personal and often horribly painful events in our lives.

I started to hate that being connected to the world means having to live in such a weird fake online version of it all the time. I will log on to Facebook when I have time and maybe scroll up and down the newsfeed. I will not let Facebook consume my life or take much time.

I have decided this after previously posting too much drama causing enormous problems outside Facebook so I have decided that I will make sure that my content isn’t published mindlessly. My decision was made thinking that why should I share every bit and pieces details of events from my life, many of them being strangers?

When I joined back in 2008 along with My Degree College friends, it used to be a place where most of us used to post photos of having a great time, relationship status from single to in a relationship. It has been hijacked heavily by everyone around us including adults joining the platform of all age groups, where people intimidate things about their life, memes and forwards.

There is a reason that I felt that it’s annoying, while everyone is busy dealing with their own problems, it makes less interesting to look at someone else’s problem. An interesting one is fascinating and original, funny ones would be hilarious.

In some cases, we can assume that there will be people who will be interested in sad and gloomy status updates, but it would profoundly annoying to people we are not that close with, and they usually make up the vast majority of people who will be subjected towards the status.