Indian Society considers ‘Stay at Home Dads’ as a subject of ridicule, The useless idiot, who stays at home and survives on his wife’s income’ this is what our Indian Society usually associate house husbands. For a western society, it’s not a new concept but for Indian society it gets the eyeballs rolling where gender role rehearsals are not accepted. The person taking the decision will be ridiculed by his friends, relatives, and neighbors.

A man who decided to stay at home taking care of the house and didn’t live up to what society expects a man to do. Women are getting opportunities to explore the world than earlier where they were forced to stay at home taking care of the house while men go out to work.

Most of your friends will instantly look down upon you once they find out that you are unemployed. Being a man, you have to hide your unemployment status because being your job role determines how man enough you are, which makes it difficult for a man to stay at home dad.

Most of the stay at home dads in India is forced to stay for the reasons over failure in business or an accident, there would be rarest of the species where anyone would have given up their successful career to be a house husband. We are not as a society matured enough to accept such a change, blame the patriarchy or whatever.

For a woman after pregnancy, there is an expectation that they will make a choice between staying at home, and working full time but for men, it’s a very different story. From my personal experience, I feel that society for support a man making that choice is zero. Many of them prefer to have a man with ambition, stable job, and high earning capacity to share the burden over someone willing to stay at home.

A man’s decision is to make sacrifice instead of the woman for dream going up the corporate ladder is a message of equality, it doesn’t make him a loser or less man enough. We have always seen over the centuries women are the ones who make the sacrifice, now it’s time for a role rehearsal.

I have openly expressed my opinion on being a stay at home dad than being the sole breadwinner of the family. I have met exclamation from others, equally from males and females. I don’t think it has gone really well for widely expressing opinion openly among my peers and friends. There are cases where women themselves find it difficult to accept the change, most prefer a working professional with a huge paycheck to share the burden.

It’s easy to enjoy the concept on the big screen, but in real life, people do not have the courage to do what the protagonists of “Ki & Ka” did. Our society is not mature enough to accept something that is different from the set norm.

Personally, I would be with my both arms accept the role of staying at home while the other partner goes out to work taking care of the house but unfortunately circumstances don’t accept such a swift role change in any possible way.