There is an annoying lazy and vogue phenomenon these days on Facebook, Solidarity via Facebook status. It mostly comes like this:

“I’m going to see how many of you will read this post”

“This is a test to see who reads and who shares without reading.”

There is coffee in my place, you can always count on me.”

It comes packaged as different causes cancer, depression, mental health, patriotism but it comes holding a gun against you making you believe that you are insensitive if you don’t share it. It looks like emotional blackmail than just sending out the message.

If you want to express your love for your daughter, mother or father which is much appreciated but it would make more sense if you had said it in your own words, put little effort into it than hitting copy paste.

I get that it’s good to express solidarity towards a cause, but if you can’t come up with something original to say about the topic on your own, you clearly haven’t given it enough thought about the cause. The problem is not expressing solidarity or supporting a cause, we make it like a copy paste job.

I am going to talk about this post on friendship which goes ‘when it comes to needing someone to talk’ which annoys me a lot but people who share this posts are the ones who you won’t get to talk when you need them the most.

Let’s say I have 620 Facebook friends, out of which not 80% person will be there to talk even if they think of sharing it. Once a friend who shared a similar post long back, I called her up crying but after that, I never heard about her neither did she tried to reach out for checking out on me.

When you want to be there for someone, make it a point that you are there for them but Copy and paste statuses popping up like bubbles all over Facebook are pointless.

Why have we been fooled into thinking that this is a way we can show the world that we are good enough? Is it that, If someone doesn’t copy paste the status, we will not pick their phone call when they need us?

For me honestly, I don’t need to validate someone’s friendship by copy-pasting a status. If you need that attention, you should get a puppy. Just because some did it, doesn’t mean that they do it grudgingly. it’s a waste of time.