The feminism has taken bad name over years on the Internet, it had made many men and women not to be associated with the word though they believe in the idea of it. I have heard many women and young girls saying that I am not a feminist because I don’t hate men, so it’s pretty clear now that how it’s being associated with something else different from its original idea.

As per Wikipedia feminism is

Feminism is a range of political movementsideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men.

In Twitter following the discussion on feminism has made me increasingly aware of a major issue, the way in which feminism is made to be perceived as man-hating. There is nothing wrong with being strongly shouting out, it’s important to condemn rape culture, objectification of women, and outdated gender roles. At the same time, I figured out that there are only a few women who associate it with man-hating, unfortunately, they are the ones who drive the conversation which makes others to support them.

If you are under the impression that feminists, as a whole, believe anything in particular, then you don’t know many feminists. Though there are some females who propagate it, they don’t represent the entire movement. if a ‘feminist’ tells you that they hate men, they are not a feminist. Plain and Simple. Stop assuming that every feminist is a manhater.

You can talk to any proper feminist activist, they will tell you that feminism is about equality, not reversing the power structure in our society. Don’t take into consideration of some extremists, who want women to rule over men because patriarchy has suppressed females of their rights for ages. These people are extremist they do not reflect the views of the feminist movement.

As most perceive it, Feminism is not a battle between man and women, it’s both of them fighting against the age-old system of patriarchy. Men have to be included in the movement without it will turn into propaganda and it never goes anywhere.

What is patriarchy?

It’s traditional rules that enforce the idea that men and everything associated with masculinity is superior to women.

Some of don’t like this, but believe it. The patriarchy hurts both men and women alike. It’s the same thing which implies that men don’t cry, should tough and have no sense of pain. Male human being is expected to suppress his tear glands and it’s considered as a sign of weakness. A woman possesses the sole right to pour out her emotions in the form of tears. Any man who cries is considered as weak and is bullied until he stops doing that. However, we should not forget that crying is only an emotion.

Let’s be the agents of change towards a more gender equitable society and not ourselves drown and be stuck in a patriarchal society which spreads toxicity. Let’s work together keeping aside our differences. Let’s not carried away extremists trying to hijack the movement with hate propaganda, they are probably here with personal agenda or vengeance.