Every day, you get overwhelmed by the question of how to lead a life of your own dream, which you often profess on social media to work on your terms, but it’s super easy to get overwhelmed by these questions. You might have tried searching online to earn money online and might have given up after realizing that most of it are scams. I have been writing blogs and have researched about a best possible way to earn money, the one which works is Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a reward for one or a group of affiliates for each measurable visitor or customer brought through the Ads and banners placed on your blog or website.

It’s marketing practice where you partner up with an e-commerce aggregator to promote their products, mostly with Ads or links placed on your blogs/website. I have partnered with Amazon and Flipkart to promote their products through my blog. I get paid for every purchase and conversion which they get through their blog/website, which is mostly 10% or 15%.

This is business which you can make without any or fewer costs, no need for any goods or service to offer and don’t need any develop services. You can play the game on your own terms. You can make a small investment and buy a domain so you can make options to partner with many affiliate marketers if you start on free domains or blog the options will be limited.

Major publications NDTV Gadget, Gizmot or Times Tech have partnered with Affiliate Marketers to earn enormous income through Ads. This opportunity gives you the chance to earn the same income without working for them and giving them business. In addition to this, you can earn money by placing Google Ads.

The best idea is to write a blog on a particular nice; travel, food or tech, and place Affiliate Ads related to your articles. It’s not just the promotion or just the product creation that defines who you are as an affiliate marketer. You can be both the creator and the marketer and still profit from the underlying idea of sharing revenue.

Anyone can sign up and then generate a custom affiliate link to products. If someone purchases through your link, you earn a small commission. The known site for affiliate marketing is Amazon. You can either place links to your blogs or website. As I said, there are basically two sides of the affiliate marketing equation that you can choose from, assuming that you’re not going to build an affiliate network such as Commission Junction.

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