Many of my Indian Friends 4231098are obsessed with the TV show ‘Friends’ I know that for some reason ‘Friends’ was booming over India at this time. Most of the people who watch are in their 20s or in their teens. People in Europe are bored of it. The show was aired 11 years ago, and when it was aired lot of people loved it. So it’s been 11 years, freaking 11 years which means, we are watching a show which is not on the air anymore. I think it’s more to do with cool factor been associated with watching the shows.

Many TV Chhass have played it multiple times almost 4–5 times than the airtime. I think the question should be why do Indians love ‘Friends’ so much. ‘Friends’ it’s not that great that you keep watching it for god damn 21 years. Most people who love Friends are in their 20s. That means the actors on Friends are old enough to be their parents. All I hear from people around here is ‘Friends’ HIMYM, BBT and GoT. I can understand the obsession about the GoT which is the current trend world over, and was aired till Season 6 recently.

I don’t enjoy Friends partly because I don’t want to be part of their world, which I believe is why people love it so much. It is designed to be an appealing world, I think that’s what drives people towards the show. I watched a couple of ‘Friends’ episodes, and I never once saw one which caused me to really laugh out loud.

I couldn’t deal with their dose of banter and blissful dumbness. A few jokes made me smile, but most were the same lame ass comic lines that go into the US television in the early 90s. Sorry, but I think and thought it was a terrible show and there is probably nothing that could ever convince me otherwise. Maybe it is not my taste of Genre or it failed to impress me.

Perhaps the entire universe around me will conspire to consider me an alien for writing this blog. We had dozens of similar TV shows, but I never hear anyone talking about such shows. Friends show is fine. The cast is incredibly talented, the script is good and it’s clearly a good quality of work. But I am just not interested in it. I find it very predictable.

That’s just me. I did much rather watch a TV show currently on air or the latest one on Netflix. It’s funny that many ‘FRIENDS’ fans declare those people who have a different opinion about an opinion against popular TV show that they love are stupid and have bad taste, I wonder why can’t someone have an opinion different from the one around you, If you can be obsessed on a tv show which has been off air 11 years ago.