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I Was Denied a Part-Time Job For A Frivolous Reason

We most often talk about young adults in the United States & other European countries, living their life on their own without being depended on their parents. In India, Young adults stay with their parents and at their expenses even... Continue Reading →

India: We don’t have a fitness culture

In India, We don’t take fitness seriously. Let’s admit it! There has been a spike in Yoga centers, Gym, Zumba every nook and corner of every city, but the truth is that Indians don’t take fitness seriously. For instance, you... Continue Reading →

Lonely souls in the midst of crowd

There are many people who feel quite lonely even If living in the midst of people. Well! I could see many such faces around. Nowadays, it’s very common in metro cities where people migrate from their hometown in search of jobs or higher studies. People who have never felt lonely themselves, find it very difficult to understand how a person can feel lonely in the midst of people.

How The Decision To Stay Away From Parents helped me

Young adults staying with their parents despite having a job that can pay for your own room or BHK is an acceptable thing which is seen among Indians.

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