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Why I Decided Not To Be Not So Active on Facebook

I decided to not pour every micro detail of my incidents on Facebook. I promised myself that there is no need to pour everything on Facebook. The rule of thumb was ‘Don’t post everything’ It’s not like I suddenly become... Continue Reading →


I Broke My New Year Resolution

Here is comes another New Year, It’s the time of the year when making people make a resolution. The list of resolutions which gives the hope of fresh beginning, I also thought of writing a list of resolutions, but the... Continue Reading →

Why I Left A Non-Profit’s Job And Never Will Take One Up

As someone who is over 25 years old, I did not get into social work expecting it to be all sweetness and light, nor did I think I can change the world, not even fraction of it. But my experience... Continue Reading →

I Never Compromised My Values And Never Will

As I writing this blog which is partially based on my experiences and lessons, I leave at your discretion to make decision for yourself. In life, we make lot of compromises, its part of our everyday life. There are many... Continue Reading →

How I Got Carried Away by Kindness and Forgot Myself

The biggest mistake we all make is forgetting about ourselves. We manage to get caught up in the kindness of doing well and helping others that we forget ourselves. This is what happened to me, I took into kindness as a... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Ashamed!

Don’t let people make fun of you for speaking your mother tongue, listening music & movies in the same. I am have been waiting to write this for a long time. There are people here who can’t speak or understand... Continue Reading →

I learnt Something Sad While Searching A Home For Some Rescued Puppies

I came across a harsh reality after posting ‘Rescued puppies for adoption’ in several Facebook groups. I came across people specifically asking for breed and colour. There were hardly any takers for this kind of dogs, some even had a... Continue Reading →

Fighting With My Own Demons

I struggle with my own demons inside me each passing day. Sometimes, I beat them down, Sometimes they beat me down. I don’t share these problems with everyone, it’s something that is pretty common but which has been fighting for... Continue Reading →

Why I Removed Birthday From My Facebook Profile?

I think I enjoy being in the spotlight on social media, where people appreciate and respond to my write ups and blogs. I am happy that I do receive a lot of positive response from my online community, who tells... Continue Reading →

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